Volume 27, Numbers 1 & 2 / February & May 1993

From the Editor

Long-Range Time Series of Culture and Society
Trevor Denton

Starvation and Famine: Cross-Cultural Codes and Some Hypothesis Tests
Robert Dirks

Women's Power, Children's Labor
Candice Bradley

Political Participation and Peace: Cross-Cultural Codes
Carol R. Ember, Bruce Russett, & Melvin Ember

Volume 27, Numbers 3 & 4 / August & November, 1993

Collectivism and Individualism as Cultural Syndromes
Harry C. Triandis

Cross-Cultural Comparisons of Norms Associated with Jealousy and the Related Emotions of Envy, Anger, and Fear
Ralph Hupka, Jurgen Otto, Nadia V. Tarabrina, and Lucy Reidl

Illegitimacy and Other Purported Family Universals
Lewellyn Hendrix

Sampling Techniques and Sampling Error in Naturalistic Observation: An empirical evaluation with implications for cross-cultural research
Peter N. Peregrine, David R. Drews, Melissa North, & Amy Slupe

Saving the Theory: On chi-square tests with cross-cultural survey data
Malcolm M. Dow

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