Volume 28, Number 1 / February, 1994

Cultural Diversity in the Morality of Caring: Individually oriented versus duty- based interpersonal moral codes
Joan G. Miller

A Survey of Research on Moral Development in Japan
Takashi Naito

Being and Becoming Moral in a Chinese Culture: Unique or universal?
Ting Lei

Volume 28, Number 2 / May, 1994

Trade and Matrilineality: A hypothesis based on world-systems theory
Peter Peregrine

Societal Isolation, Violent Norms, and Gender Relations: A reexamination an extension of Levinson's model of wife beating
Gerald M. Erchak & Richard Rosenfeld

Sex, Science, and Social Responsibility: Cross-cultural research on same-sex eroticism and sexual intolerance
Ralph Bolton

Volume 28, Number 3 / August, 1994

Street Children in the Developing World: A review of their condition
Lewis Aptekar

Access to Subsistence Resources and the Sexual Division of Labor Among Potters
Bryan Byrne

Women, Men, and the Construction of Individual Modernity Scales in China
C. Montgomery Broaded, Cao Zhongde, & Alex Inkeles

What is Sexual Inequality? On the definition and range of variation
Lewellyn Hendrix

Volume 28, Number 4 / November, 1994

Special Issue Part I - In Honor of Raoul Naroll (1920-1985)

Introduction: The continuing legacy of Raoul Naroll
Leigh Minturn

On the Painfulness of Progress
David G. Hays

The State and Multiethnicity
Ronald Cohen

Prescriptions for Peace: Policy implications of cross-cultural research on war and interpersonal violence
Melvin Ember & Carol R. Ember

Raoul Naroll's Contribution to Archaeology
Peter N. Peregrine

Improvements in Cross-Cultural Research Methods
Carol R. Ember

Universals in Youths' Perceptions of Parental Acceptance and Rejection:
Evidence from factor analyses within eight sociocultural groups worldwide
Ronald P. Rohner & David E. Cournoyer

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