Volume 29, Number 1 / February, 1995

Special Issue Part II - In Honor of Raoul Naroll (1920-1985)

From the Editor

Communes as Moralnets
Leigh Minturn

Thwarting Disorientation and Suicide: An examination of Naroll's theory of suicide
David Lester

Cold Symptoms and Emotional Dissatisfaction Among Rural/Urban and Culturally Diverse High School Students
William Divale

Are Norwegian Voluntary Organizations Homogeneous Moralnets? Reflections on Naroll's selection of Norway as a model society
Douglas Caulkins

Naroll's Analysis of Alcohol Problems
Herbert Barry III

Ethnic Conflict and Its Management: A Narollian analysis of a worldwide problem
Marc Howard Ross


Volume 29, Number 2 / May, 1995

Regional Subcultures as Revealed by Magazine Circulation Patterns
Robert S. Lee

An Ecocultural Taxonomy for Cross-Cultural Psychology
James Georgas & John W. Berry

Death Symbolism in Matrilineal Societies: A replication study
James G. Matlock

Factors in the Cross-Cultural Patterning of Male Homosexuality: A reappraisal of the literature
Richley H. Crapo

Volume 29, Number 3 / August, 1995

Achievement Motivation and Indigenous Minorities: Can research be psychometric?
Dennis M. McInerney

Horizontal and Vertical Dimensions of Individualism and Collectivism: A theoretical and measurement refinement
Theodore M. Singelis, Harry C. Triandis, Dharm P.S. Bhawuk, & Michele J. Gelfand

Food Resource Periodicity and Cooperation Values: A cross-cultural consideration
John J. Poggie, Jr.

Volume 29, Number 4 / November, 1995

Yin and Yang: Musings while meandering the "Bits-of-Data Bikepath"
B. James Starr

A Repertory Grid Test of the Claim That Sense of Landscape Naturalness Is Specific to Culture
Raymond Chipeniuk

Economic Development, Social Control, and Murder Rates: A cross- national approach De Li

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