Cross-Cultural Research

Volume 30, 1996





Ralph B. Hupka and Adam L. Bank Sex Differences in Jealousy: Evolution or Social Construction 1 24-59
Michael L. Burton Constructing a Scale of Female Contributions to Agriculture: Methods for Imputing Missing Data 1 3-23
Robert L. Munroe, Ruth H. Munroe, and Stephen Winters Cross-Cultural Correlates of the Consonant-Vowel (CV) Syllable 1 60-83
Peter Peregrine The Birth of The Gods Revisited: A Partial Replication of Guy Swanson's (1960) Cross-Cultural Study of Religion 1 84-112
Floyd Webster Rudmin Cross-Cultural Correlates of the Ownership of Private Property: Zelman's Gender Data Revisited 2 115-153
Douglas Raybeck and Douglas Herrmann Antonymy and Semantic Relations: The Case for a Linguistic Universal 2 154-183
Joshua Searle-White Personal Boundaries Among Russians and Americans: A Vygotskian Approach 2 184-208
Patricia C. Rice and Ann L. Paterson Bone Art in the Upper Paleolithic: Regional, Temporal, and Art Class Comparisons 3 211-242
Ralph B. Hupka, Zbigniew Zaleski, Jurgen Otto, Lucy Reidl, and Nadia V. Tarabrina Anger, Envy, Fear, and Jealousy as Felt in the Body: A Five-Nation Study 3 243-264
Ronald P. Rohner From Conception Through Birth: Origins of the Society for Cross-Cultural Research 3 265-274
Ward H. Goodenough Murdock as Bridge: From Summer to HRAF to SCCR 3 275-280
Suzanne G. Frayser The Essential Tension Between Particularism and Generalization 4 291-300
J. Patrick Gray Is the Standard Cross-Cultural Sample Biased? A Simulation Study 4 301-315
Peter N. Peregrine Ethnology Versus Ethnographic Analogy: A Common Confusion in Archaeological Interpretation 4 316-329
Leigh Minturn The Economic Importance and Technological Complexity of Hand-Spinning and Hand-Weaving 4 330-351
Herbert Barry, III Cultural Influences on Childhood Participation in Adult Activities 4 352-365

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