Cross-Cultural Research

Volume 31, 1997





Ward H. Goodenough Phylogenetically Related Cultural Traditions 1 16-26
Glenn Weisfeld Puberty Rites as Clues to the Nature of Human Adolescence 1 27-54
Melvin Ember Evolution of the Human Relations Area Files 1 3-15
Judith L. Gibbons, Maria Lynn, and Deborah A. Stiles Cross-National Gender Differences in Adolescents' Preferences for Free-Time Activities 1 55-69
Yueh-Ting Lee, Albert Pepitone, and Linda Albright Descriptive and Prescriptive Beliefs About Justice: A Sino-U.S. Comparison 2 101-120
Gui-Young Hong Just-World Beliefs and Attributions of Causal Responsibility Among Korean Adolescents 2 121-136
B. James Starr, Lloyd R. Sloan, and Tarl R. Kudrick Just Deserts: African American Judgments of Justice in Stories of Varying Cultural Relevance 2 137-154
Fathali M. Moghaddam and Charles Studer The Sky is Falling, But Not on Me: A Cautionary Tale of Illusions of Control, in Four Acts 2 155-167
B. James Starr Understanding Our Judgments of Justice 2 75-82
Albert Pepitone and Kathleen L'Armand Justice in Cultural Context: A Social-Psychological Perspective 2 83-100
Itzhak Harpaz and Xuanning Fu Work Centrality in Germany, Israel, Japan, and the United States 3 171-200
Lewellyn Hendrix Quality and Equality in Marriage: A Cross-Cultural View 3 201-225
Habib M. Alshuwaikhat and Shaibu Bala Garba Urbanism and Crime: A Cross-National/Cross-Cultural Study 3 226-248
Garry Chick, John W. Loy, and Andrew W. Miracle Combative Sport and Warfare: A Reappraisal of the Spillover and Catharsis Hypotheses 3 249-267
David Lester Note on a Mohave Theory of Suicide 3 268-272
Garry Chick Cultural Complexity: The Concept and Its Measurement 4 275-307
Lewellyn Hendrix Making Historical Connections: Galton's Problem and Opportunity 4 308-330
Elias Mpofu and David Watkins A Test of the Insulation, Subjective Culture, and Bicultural Competence Hypotheses 4 331-355
Sonia Roccas and Shalom H. Schwartz Church-State Relations and the Association of Religiosity With Values: A Study of Catholics in Six Countries 4 356-375

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