Cross-Cultural Research

Volume 32, 1998





J. Patrick Gray Regional Patterning in Illness Theories: Analyses With Different Types of Optimal Scaling 1 3-36
Trevor Denton Social and Structural Differentiation: Conceptualization and Measurement 1 37-78
Kathryn A. Kamp Social Hierarchy and Burial Treatments: A Comparative Assessment 1 79
Douglas Raybeck Toward More Holistic Explanations: Cross-Cultural Research and Cross-Level Analysis 2 123-142
Itzhak Harpaz Cross-National Comparison of Religious Conviction and the Meaning of Work 2 143-170
Michael Hemesath & Xun Pomponio Cooperation and Culture: Students from China and the United States in a Prisoner's Dilemma 2 171-184
Garry Chick Games in Culture Revisited: A Replication and Extension of Roberts, Arth, and Bush (1959) 2 185
Judith Gibbons Introduction 3 211
Janet Kuebli, Ranjini Reddy & Judith L. Gibbons Perceptions of Others in Self-Descriptions of Children and Adolescents in India 3 217-240
Barbara Shebloski & Judith Gibbons Intergenerational Patterns in Beliefs About Women's Roles Among Adolescents in Singapore 3 257-278
Lynette S. Tay, Judith L. Gibbons Attitudes Toward Gender Roles Among Adolescents in Singapore 3 257-278
Deborah A. Stoles, Judith L. Gibbons, Suzanne Lie, Therese Sand, & Jodie Krull "Now I am Living in Norway" Immigrant Girls Describe Themselves 3 279-298
Janet Kuebli, Deborah A. Stiles, Barbara Shebloski & Judith L. Gibbons Commentary 3 299
F. Sushila Niles Individualism-Collectivism Revisited 4 315
Ben-Zion Cohen, David Guttmann & Ammon Lazar The Willingness to Seek Help: A Cross-National Comparison 4 342-357
Samuel Noh, Violet Kasper & Xinyin Chen Measuring Depression in Korean Immigrants: Assessing Validity of the Translated Korean version of CES-D Scale 4 358-377
J. Mayone Stycos Population Knowledge and Attitudes of Latin American Adolescents: Impact of Gender, Schooling, and Culture 4 378-399

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