Cross-Cultural Research

Volume 33, 1999





Nico Bleichordt, Rene A. C. Hoksbergen & Usha Khire Cross-Cultural Testing of Intelligence 1 3
David Lester A Comment on "Urbanism and Crime" 1 26
Robin O'Brian Who Weaves and Why? Weaving, Loom Complexity, and Trade 1 30
Robert L. Munroe & Megan Silander Climate and the Consonant-Vowel (CV) Syllable: A Replication Within Language Families 1 43
Michael Burton Language and Region Codes for the Standard Cross-Cultural Sample 1 63
Ward H. Goodenough Outline of a Framework for A Theory of Cultural Evolution 1 84
D. Douglas Caulkins Is Mary Douglas's Grid/Group Analysis Useful for Cross-Cultural Research? 1 108
PAWEL BOSKI, FONS J. R. VAN DE VIJVER, HELENA HURME & JOLANTA MILUSKA Perception and Evaluation of Polish Cultural Femininity in Poland, the United States, Finland and the Netherlands 2 131
RAUL E. VALDES-PEREZ & VLADIMIR PERICLIEV Computer Enumeration of Significant Implicational Universals of Kinship Terminology 2 162
ROBERT SCHRAUF Mother Tongue Maintenance Among North American Ethnic Groups 2 175
LEWELLYN HENDRIX & MARK A. SCHNEIDER Assumptions on Sex and Society in the Biosocial Theory of Incest 2 193
SUSSIE ESHUN Cultural Variations in Hopelessness, Optimism, and Suicidal Ideation: A Study of Ghana and U.S. College Samples 3 227
CLAUDIO CIOFFI-REVILLA Origins and Age of Deterrence: Comparative Research on Old World and New World Systems 3 239
VICTOR C. DE MUNCK & ANDREY KOROTAYEV Sexual Equality and Romantic Love: A Reanalysis of Rosenblatt's Study on the Function of Romantic Love 3 265
D. DOUGLAS CAULKINS, JONATHAN G. ANDELSON, VICKI BENTLEY-CONDIT & KATHRYN A. KAMP Discovery-Mode Teaching Using the Electronic Human Relations Area Files for Cross-Cultural Comparison 3 278