Society for Cross-Cultural Research Newletter

Volume 25, Number 2

Fall, 1997

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1998 Meeting Update Call for 1998 Key Symposia Proposals
Election of Officers New Book (Gardiner)
Progress Report from Incoming President -Uwe P. Gielen SCCR E-Mail Mailing List
Message from Gary Chick Conferences, 1998
A Message from the President -Susan Abbott Officers (link outside of Newsletter)

1998 Meeting Update

The number listed in the spring newsletter for the the Marina Beach Hotel is incorrect.

The correct toll free number is: 1-800-227-8045

The correct non-toll free number is: 1-813-867-1151


Election of Officers

The SCCR nominations committee has chosen unanimously to have uncontested elections for 1998 officers. The nominees are Garry Chick for President-Elect, and Bill Divale for Anthropology Rep. A ballot is attached to this issue.

Moghaddam Appointed to Election Committee

Fathali Moghaddam of Georgetown University, has been appointed to the Election Committee for 1997/98. This committee is required by our organization's By-Laws. It assists the Secretary/Treasurer in verifying the results of the SCCR'selection of new officers.


A Progress Report from Incoming President

Uwe P. Gielen

Plans are well underway for our forthcoming annual meeting in St. Petersburg, Florida. We will meet together with the Association for the Study of Play (TASP) in a beautiful hotel located right on the waterfront.

On Thursday morning our first keynote speaker will be Charles D. Spielberger, Distinguished Research Professor at the University of South Florida and he will discuss Cross- Cultural Measurement of Emotional States and Personality Traits. Charlie is widely recognized as one of the world's leading authorities on the psychological study of stress and emotions, and their measurement. His anxiety and anger scales have been used in over 40 cultures. A former president of the American Psychological Association, he is the current President-Elect of the International Association of Applied Psychology. Later in the day, Juris G. Draguns, of The Pennsylvania State University will present a second keynote address on Psychotherapy Across Cultures: From Description Through Conceptualization Toward Investigation. For many years, Juris has been a leading authority on the cross- cultural study of psychopathology, psychotherapy, and healing. Most recently, he co-authored a chapter on Psychopathology and Culture which appeared in the new Handbook of Cross-cultural Psychology. In addition, we can look forward to the TASP keynote address by Gary Chick and, of course, to Susan Abbott's Presidential Address later in the meeting.

A sampling of other contributions includes Harry Gardiner's round-table on The Family and Children in Cross- cultural Research: What Does the Future Hold?; V.K. Kumar's Symposium on Alternative Healing Approaches; Laura Sidorowicz's Symposium on Cross-cultural Explorations of Gender and Sexuality; Ron Rohner's session on Parental Acceptance-Rejection Correlates of Mental Health and Illness: Cultural and Ethnic Variations; Susan Abbott's session on Children, Adolescents, and Parents in Three Cultures; and Judith Gibbon's symposium on Socialization of Adolescent Boys: Anthropological and Psychological Perspectives.

This year's deadline for submissions was earlier than usual because we wanted to get a head start in organizing the conference. However, feel free to send in your submissions-- The deadline has been extended to December first.

The program for the 1998 conference promises to be an especially rich one. Cross-cultural research is alive and well, and we are finally beginning to have a real impact on mainstream disciplines. See you in St. Petersburg!

Message from Gary Chick


The Association for the Study of Play (TASP) is a multidiciplinary organization whose purpose is to promote the study of play, to support and cooperate with other organizations having similar purposes, and to organize meetings and publications that facilitate the sharing and dissemination of information related to the study of play. TASP's broad focus includes many disciplines and many scholarly interests, including anthropology, education, psychology, sociology, recreation, history, folklore, dance, communication, the arts, kinesiology, philosophy, cultural studies, and musicology. TASP membership benefits include two publications: (1) a newsletter that is produced three times per year, and (2) the TASP annual volume. The next TASP annual volume, Play and Culture Studies, will be available in the beginning months of 1998. be available in the beginning months of 1998.

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