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Volume 26, Number 3

Fall, 1998

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1998 Meeting Preliminary Meeting Program
Message from the President -Uwe P. Gielen E-Mail and Snail-Mail - Leigh Minturn
Statement from the Treasurer -Harry Gardiner Officers (link outside of Newsletter)

1998 Meeting

The meeting will open Wednesday evening (6 - 8 pm) at La Fonda with a wine & cheese reception. Both SCCR and TASP sessions will begin Thursday morning. On Thursday evening (5 - 7 pm), Ralph Bolton will host a wine & cheese reception at the Turquoise Bear, his Bed & Breakfast which is located about 6 blocks from La Fonda. Instruction on how to find the Turquoise Bear will be included with your registration package. The traditional banquet, sponsored by both the SCCR and TASP will be held Friday evening February 5, at La Fonda. This should be a very fine event and everyone is encouraged to attend. TASP will be holding an event on Saturday in recognition of the 25th anniversary of the association. Typically, Saturday afternoons and evenings are left open for conference participants to tour and explore. We will attempt to do the same this year.


La Fonda Hotel is located in downtown Santa Fe (100 East San Francisco Street, Santa Fe, NM 87501). It is one of the Historic Hotels of America and is across the plaza from the Palace of the Governors and the Fine Arts Museum. Rooms are $128 per night for a single/double (The normal rate is$189). Rooms for conference attenders will be held until January 1, 1999,so please make your reservations prior to that date in order to receive the special SCCR rate. The phone numbers for La Fonda are (800) 523-5002 or (505) 982-5511. The La Fonda website is: Additional information about the Santa Fe area and local hotels can be found at the Santa Fe Convention and Visitors Bureau site:


While Santa Fe has a small airport, most will prefer to fly into Albuquerque. Transportation to Santa Fe is best accomplished via the Shuttle Jack, a nonstop bus service that runs between the Albuquerque airport and Santa Fe 10 times per day. Travel is $20 each way. Reservations may be made by calling (505) 243-3244) or tickets may be purchased directly from the driver. Service directly to and from La Fonda hotel is available.

Meeting information and registration / submission forms

Message from the President

Uwe P. Gielen

The deadline for submitting abstracts for the February 3-7, 1999 conference in Santa FE is fast approaching. Santa FE has always been a favorite meeting place for many SCCR members, and so participants can look forward to a rich program of presentations.

During the last 25 years, cross-cultural and international psychology have made much progress. During the 1960s, cross-cultural psychology as a generally recognized field did not exist, although much significant cross-cultural research was accomplished during this "incubation period." The early 1970s saw the birth of cross-cultural psychology; the International Association of Cross-Cultural Psychology and the Society of Cross-Cultural Research were both founded in 1972 while the "Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology" began publication in 1970. Cross-cultural Psychology, however, remained marginal to the concerns of the large majority of mainstream psychologists for the next 20 years. It is only during the 1990s that cross-cultural, multicultural, and international psychology began to have a real impact on American mainstream psychology. During the next 15 years, I believe, we will see the next step in this historical evolution: American Psychology will become much more internationalized, and we can look forward to the birth of a World Psychology increasingly influenced by still evolving European and Asian perspectives.

It will be interesting to see how the psychologists among the SCCR membership will react to this challenge. As Susan Abbott pointed out in her presidential address at the St. Petersburg meeting, SCCR membership has seen a very significant rise in psychologists while anthropologists have been dwindling in number. It seems likely that in the future psychology will take center stage in much of cross-cultural social science research-and this development will be accompanied by a general movement toward the internationalization of psychological research.

So far, SCCR has been a predominantly U.S.-American enterprise with only a few participants each year joining us from abroad. While this situation is not going to change drastically anytime soon, we need to look ahead and think about recruiting new kinds of members. There seems to be, for instance, a growing number of foreign graduate students in many American psychology departments, and many of them are attracted to cross-cultural research for obvious reasons. I think SCCR can offer them something valuable: An interdisciplinary atmosphere, a chance to talk to some senior scholars over coffee and bagels, an easy familiarity on the part of many SCCR members with foreign cultures (otherwise conspicuously absent among many mainstream psychologists), and a chance to present one's work to a knowledgeable and sympathetic audience.

In recent years, SCCR has somehow not been sufficiently successful in recruiting younger scholars and graduate students-a situation that needs to be turned around, if we wish to remain a vital organization. I hope that these and related issues will be discussed at the Santa Fe meeting.

Statement from the Treasurer

Harry Gardiner

Dues statements will be mailed at the end of October, along with a ballot for election of new officers. Dues should be paid ASAP to help with the changeover to a new treasurer.

E-Mail and Snail Mail

Leigh Minturn, Editor

We currently have only about 30 members who do not have e-mail addresses. Only one of our overseas members lacks an e-mail address. This member says he has "retired to the English countryside to write his thesis." We hope he will be back on line when he has completed this task. Now that we have created a bulletin board, notices, such as a second and third call for papers have appeared on our bulletin board. I am becoming concerned that members without e-mail addresses may be out of "the loop". I urge all of you to enter the wonderful world of cyberspace and obtain e-mail addresses.

I wish to repeat to all of you my e-mail plea not to forward newsletters to non-members. This generosity is not without cost. We are trying to increase membership, not freeloading. Furthermore, my time and the time that Harry Gardiner devote to SCCR is free, but it is not worthless.

A new list of current SCCR members, with correct e-mail addresses has been entered into the computer system of the Psychology Department at CU Boulder. Instructions for subscribing to the list appeared in the spring newsletter. Within days non-members, had subscribed to the list. To avoid this freeloading, we had to set up a system that sends the names of new subscribers to our treasurer, so that their current dues status can be checked. This will be a nuisance for Harry and future treasurers, but we were not willing to allow this freeloading.

As editor I receive a number of requests from members which I try to accommodate. However, I also receive such requests from non-members, who have received the newsletter from members or sometimes from other non-members. I refuse to accommodate requests from freeloading Freddies and Fredas who have not paid their dues, and I find them most annoying. It is unfair and unprofessional to expect professional service without paying dues.

This spring I sent out a message about a particularly obnoxious request from a Freddie Freeloader who said he had gotten the newsletter from a Freda Freeloader, also a non-member. Freddie said it would be "more convenient" if I sent the newsletter in Avant Garde font. My e-mail system only translates to one font, so the request was not possible. Furthermore anyone can download the text and print it in any font you choose, from Cairo to Olde London.

A membership form appears on our website. Encourage your colleagues and students to join SCCR. Please do not encourage them to expect a free ride.

I am still receiving inquiries concerning e-mail contact, so I am repeating the instructions from the spring issue. I suggest that you download them. Print them in a font of your choice and attach them to your computer.

To subscribe to SCCR e-mail list: send one line message to

subscribe SCCR (your full name)

e.g. subscribe SCCR Jane Doe

The system is strictly "do - it-yourself" This method of subscription avoids errors in the e-mail addresses, because, if the system receives the message the address must be correct. If you have changed your e-mail address, you must re-subscribe.

The list is now accessible to all persons on it. The new system has created our own bulletin board. If you have ideas for paper sessions or symposia, urge you to to put out your own call for papers. You may also use the bulletin board to send messages that may be of interest to all members. All messages sent to the bulletin board will be archived, so please do not clutter it.

To send a message to members: Address it to

To access out archives send the message "HELP" to

If your newsletter arrives with the text scrambled, please obtain clear text by accessing the archives or our website.

To obtain a copy of the list:

Send one line message to <review SCCR> The print out will have the e-mail addresses listed before names. For your convenience, I have transposed the order. The listing of members with e-mail addresses is as follows:

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