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Message from the President

Garry Chick

Penn State University

The delightful La Fonda hotel in downtown Santa Fe provided the venue for the 1999 meeting of the Society for Cross-Cultural Research. Santa Fe has been a popular site for Society meetings in the past and this year was no exception. One hundred and seven registrants delivered 91 papers in 21 different sessions. Some 45 individuals from The Association for the Study of Play also attended the combined meeting, presenting 42 papers. In addition to the US, attendees came from Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, New Zealand, Norway, Russia, and Wales. Thanks and congratulations are due each of the session organizers, session chairs, and, especially, to those who presented papers. In particular, I would like to express my appreciation to Roy G. D'Andrade who gave a splendid, if disheartening, keynote address on the recent history of anthropology and to Al Pepitone who discussed impediments to interdisciplinary exchange in a special presentation.

Gratitude must also go to Linda Hughes, Alice Meckley, and Dorothy Sluss of The Association for the Study of Play. Each of them was deeply involved in the organization of the meeting and the program. Ralph Bolton graciously hosted a wine & cheese reception at the Inn of the Turquoise Bear, an event that was well attended and which offered lowlanders a fine hike in Santa Fe's rarefied air. Finally, the staff of La Fonda were extraordinarily efficient, attentive, and flexible. The meeting could not have gone as well as it did without their skill and courtesy.

Perhaps the best news from the meeting is that 32 first-time attendees also became new members of the Society. Nine of the new members are students. I plan to work to enhance membership and member involvement in the association during my term as president, so this is a good beginning. Involvement means participation in the annual meeting but also support of the Society's newsletter and journal, Cross-Cultural Research. Support of the newsletter means sending newsworthy items to editor Leigh Minturn <>. And support of the journal means more than just subscribing but includes submitting manuscripts to the editor, Mel Ember, for publication consideration. I just had a new batch of society membership flyers printed. Mel will be sending one to each individual who submits a manuscript to the journal. Many of the individuals who submitarticles for review are not members and this practice may assist with

recruitment. Members who are willing to take brochures to meetings for distribution should contact me <> for copies.

Harry Gardiner has already begun work on the 2000 meeting in New Orleans. We are operating under the hopeful assumption that the world will still exist at that time, only 6 weeks after Y2K. Perhaps a cross-cultural evaluation of the millennium will be among the issues to be debated at the meeting.




The 29th annual meeting of the Society for Cross-Cultural Research will be held at the Hampton Inn-Downtown in New Orleans, Louisiana, February 23-27, 2000.

Details of the meeting, along with registration forms, hotel information and registration forms, paper submission, abstract forms, and symposium forms will soon appear on the SCCR website at This information will also appear in the summer newsletter.

The Hampton Inn-Downtown is located in the heart of New Orlean's central business district. [226 Cardonelet Street, New Orleans, LA 70130 ] It is located in the city's first "skyscraper" built in 1903 and completely restored in 1994. It is just steps away from the French Quarter and within walking distance from the Convention Center, Superdome, Bourbon Street, shopping areas, restaurants, and other attractions. Rooms are $139 per night for a single and $149 for a double. Rooms for conference attendees will be held until January 1, 2000 so please make your reservations prior to January first YK2. in order to receive the reduced SCCR rate. Reservations can be made by calling (800) 292-0653, or (504) 529-9990. The Hampton Inn website is:

Additional information about the city of New Orleans can be found at the New Orleans Convention and Visitors Bureau website: <http//>

The New Orleans International Airport is 21 miles and approximately 20 minutes from the center of town. A taxi will cost $21 for up to three people, and $8 for each additional passenger, not to exceed five passengers. The airport shuttle is $10 each way and departs every 15 minutes.

For additional information contact Harry Gardiner.

(See officers listing for address etc.)

Business Meeting of SCCR

February 5, 1999

Sante Fe , New Mexico

The Business Meeting was held on Friday, February 5th, 1999 at the La Fonda Hotel, Sante Fe, New Mexico. Officers and Members of the Board of Directors present: Uwe Gielen, Garry Chick, Harry Gardiner, William Divale, Herbert Barry III, Leigh Minturn.

St. Petersburg Minutes Minutes from the 1998 annual meeting held in Saint Petersburg, Florida were accepted.

Election Results: Uwe Gielen reported the results of the recent balloting in which Harry Gardiner was selected as President-Elect, Rob Veneziano as Secretary/Treasurer, and Edith Williams as Social Science Representative.

CCR: Editor's comment and special SCCR symposium issue: Mel Ember, Editor of Cross-Cultural Research, encouraged members to submit manuscripts to the journal even if the manuscripts are not fully ready. Mel will review nascent manuscripts, evaluate their appropriateness, and recommend revisions.

Uwe Gielen and Mel Ember announced that a Key Symposium from the 2000 meeting, selected from a pool of submitted key symposia, will be published in a special edition of CCR.

1999 Meeting Report:Garry Chick reported that 115 people were in attendance with some still registering as of the Business Meeting. This year's attendance is at least double the attendance at last year's meeting.

Garry Chick noted that his successful recruitment of attendees and new SCCR members was accomplished by offering special membership/conference rates to non-members who presented papers at this year's meeting. Those present at this Business Meeting encouraged members to reach out to non-members using this same method of recruitment.

Garry also commended the excellent service offered by the La Fonda Hotel. Indeed, the experience was so positive, in terms of the hotel, the location (Sante Fe), and the attendance, that the possibility of returning to this site for future meetings was discussed, as noted below.

Future Meeting Sites: The 2000 meeting is planned for New Orleans, February 23-27. We are currently booked at the Hampton Inn with a projected daily room rate of $145-150. Harry Gardiner and Bill Divale will be exploring The Hilton as an alternative hotel site because of concerns about the daily rate and meeting space at the Hampton Inn.

Harry Gardiner recommended that next year's conference program emphasize interdisciplinary and applied perspectives.

Leigh Minturn and Garry Chick agreed to be the Long-Term Planning Committee for future meeting sites.

Possible future meeting sites include: San Diego in 2001; back to Sante Fe in 2002 or 2003 (possibly Sante Fe every third year?); other possible locations discussed included Charlotte, NC, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Saint Louis.

Bill Divale suggested that we continue to meet with other groups such as TASP, The Academy of Intercultural Research, the Sunshine Network, and so forth. Garry Chick will contact a member of the Sunshine Network (social scientists, anthropologists, sociologists) to discuss the possibility of a joint meeting.

The New President: Uwe Gielen introduced the new President, Garry Chick, whose first order of business was to quickly adjourn the Business Meeting.

Rob Veneziano, Secretary/Treasurer



It the wish of the executive committee and Mel that we solicit proposals for the Key Symposiums for the Y2K meeting. As we said last year, those selected for this honor will be published as a thematic issue of CROSS-CULTURAL RESEARCH in the year following the annual meeting in which they are presented.

The previous criteria included: a cross-cultural or comparative theme pertaining to the constants and variables of human behavior, timeliness and general interest in the topic or theme, overall quality of the proposal, and stage of preparation of the session and evidence of commitment of the participants to participation and completion of their papers.

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