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Students who are part of SCCR have access to a network of student-friendly scholars who are experts in cross-cultural research. Interaction with these scholars from multiple disciplines gives students the opportunity to see how they can better their own studies and make connections that will last them throughout their future endeavors. SCCR is always looking for more involvement from the student community. The annual conference (every February) strives to include student-focused events, including luncheons with SCCR veterans, student-oriented workshops, and the presentation of student paper and poster awards. If you are an undergraduate or graduate student and would like to know more about SCCR, become more active in cross-cultural studies (or join the Facebook SCCR student group), or join our Student Advisory Committee, please contact the student committee chairperson:

  • Seinenu M. Thein, University of California - Los Angeles (Anthropology),


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Please send any information or ideas for the "For Students" page to any student advisory committee member, with a cc to

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